Leave a trace in history

IZZZIO blockchain allows you to write any data in the chain, in any format. This functionality allows you to store application data in a secure, decentralized environment that is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Try also using your device:
Чуть подождите. Картинка будет загружена из блокчейна
This QR code is downloaded directly from the blockchain. 16 block.

Please do not use obscene language to write into the blockchain. You can put in your advertising :)

How it works?

Using the WebSocket protocol, which is the basis of network communications, any modern browser allows you to create a full-fledged connection directly to the network.

IZZZIO blockchain connects to network with open-source mini-framework "Candy" which supports interaction with network nodes, requests, receives and sends block information, and provide work for current decentralized application.

In JavaScript, it looks something like this:

More information about Candy can be found on the page in GitHub: