Investor's cabinet/back office for the ICO/STO

Sell the project tokens and watch the progress of your ICO/STO with the iZ³ universal investor's cabnet.
Demo cabinet
Main advantages
The investor's cabinet allows you to accept payments made for the project's tokens in any popular crypto currency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, NEM and others.
Clear interface and additional instructions. The cabinet is convenient for investors, it allows you to monitor project changes, manage your tokens, and also receive bonuses. The administrator interface provides the ability to manage sales and monitor the progress of the ICO.
Operational reliability and technical support 24/7
The investor's cabinet allows automatic sale of tokens without the use of a smart contract. This minimizes the probability of making a mistake during the token sale. And the specialists of the support service are ready to help in any unforeseeable circumstance
Because of the modular architecture, the investor's cabinet provides a large number of options and preferences to organize the process of token sale. Analytical systems, chat-assistants are easily integrated into the cabinet, and with the help of the script system, it is possible to customize every detail.
Use any convenient device. Laptop, tablet or smartphone - the investor's cabinet and administration panel work equally well on any screen.
Total control
With the help of the PHP script system it is possible to customize every detail of the interface, change the performance of the token calculator and add any necessary functionality.
High speed performance
The investor's cabinete is located on a reliable server that provides a high speed of loading resources and trouble-free operation, even with critically large traffic.
Referral rewards program
The possibility of attracting additional investments with the help of a built-in system tool of rewards and referrals.
Any base currency
Support of the use of any crypto-currency as a base. The value of the token can be expressed in any crypto-currency and also in USD
The cabinet is protected by special intrusion detection mechanisms, and the cabinet has been tested for vulnerability by an independent information security agency with CCNA, CEH, RISSPA certificates and that is listed on the professional community of RISC and Skolkovo Cybersecurity Foundations.
The main functionality included in the base version of the iZ³ investor's cabinet
Customization, with style copy of the main project website
Calculator preferred settings, based on the token model economics
Setting goals for the complete gather of statistics
Information collection about ICO participants, taking into account the KYC requirements
Setting notifications for a given configuration
Standard FAQ, with the editor's interface
Multilanguage: English, Russian, Chinese, German included. Additional languages are available upon request.
Collection of statistics and analytics
Option to accept deposit payments
Technical support during the entire ICO period
Companies that use the iZ³ investor's cabinet
Keep the process of collecting investments under your control in the iZ³ investor's cabinet!

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Security Token Offerings - Security Tokens Offer (STO) is a fundraising tool similar to an ICO, but with certain rules according to which tokens issuers are responsible for their actions.
The relatively quick success of the ICO has established them as a viable method of crowdfunding. While ICO helped many startups raise a lot of money, the fundraising method also paved the way for various scams, since there were few or no regulations.