A software system designed for storing, transmitting and processing any data, as well as for automating business processes using distributed registry technology.
About the platform
The IZZZIO blockchain platform is an infrastructure and a set of tools for creating public and private decentralized business solutions company's business processes optimization, with predictable development costs, free transactions within the network and high speed.
The platform is based on the idea of creating a blockchain ecosystem that is as close as possible to the needs of businesses, facilitating the integration and use of blockchain technology in the business processes of companies.
Main idea
IZZZIO blockchain platform – is a unique blockchain platform for the implementation of any tasks.
Platform resources
Blockchain based on the custom consensus algorithm LCPoA, written in JavaScript
A simple and convenient environment for creating smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApp)
Turing-complete smart contracts
Industry-specific solutions (IoT, GameDev, etc.))
Transactions within the network are free, but there is also the option of setting up "paid" transactions at the expense of any resources within the system.
Transaction cost
15 megabytes or more.
Block size
up to 1000 smart contract calls per second;

capacity: >50,000 tr/sec on an average computer and >100,000 tr/sec on dedicated hardware.
Speed of operation
The ability to implement blockchain networks based on the source code of the IZZZIO blockchain platform for any tasks, with the appropriate network settings.
The block generation algorithm, tied to the world time, reliably protects the blockchain network from spam and fake transactions, while not demanding on computing resources.
The IZZZIO blockchain platform consists of functional modular components and allows you to configure networks for any tasks and requirements of use cases.
Easy integration of the blockchain network into any system thanks to a simple API.
All types of networks
Based on the source code of the platform, you can implement both public and private networks, as well as hybrid networks
Browser integration
Web applications can connect directly to the blockchain network without plugins, extensions, layer servers and dedicated clients.
technical components
Block Explorer
Allows you to view the contents of the open part of the blockchain network
iZ³ Node
The most important service in the network that ensures its operation, data transmission, generation of new blocks and synchronization between other services
An open source tool that allows you to create web applications that fully use the blockchain
Consensus algorithms
Consensus is an algorithm that protects the network from an attack and ensures the selection and addition of blocks to the chain. Based on the IZZZIO blockchain platform, the following consensus algorithms can be used:
LCPoA (Limited Confidence Proof-of-Activity) - a hybrid blockchain network consensus algorithm that consists of two technical elements:
Proof-of-Activity - a principle based on solving a problem similar to that of the Proof-of-Work principle, with reduced complexity. Unix timestamp is used as a nonce.
Limited Confidence - a system of automatic creation of "control points" in the blockchain network, through the introduction of a hard threshold to the possibility of rewriting blocks from the last block.
DLCPoA (Dynamic Limited Confidence Proof-of-Activity) - a modified version of the LCPoA consensus algorithm, which allows you to adjust the network speed, due to the fact that in the configuration parameters of the nodes, instead of a fixed filter, the target speed of block generation is set by the network and the filter parameters are calculated automatically.
PoA (Proof-of-Authority) - a consensus algorithm that uses an array of pre-created public keys as proof of block correctness. All subsequent transactions, in order to successfully pass through this consensus algorithm, must be signed with one of the issued keys.
JavaScript ES6. Added support for working with pseudo-random numbers (Math.random) and date and time (Date)
Features of IZZZIO smart contracts:
Interaction with other contracts on the network
Built-in iterable and non-iterable data structures
Ethereum-like contract state management
Support for large number objects (BigNumber) for secure floating-point calculations
Flexible programming interface
The IZZZIO blockchain network is based on the use of a system of smart contracts-algorithms that are designed to work with data in the system (their formation, control, provision) in a single (synchronous) way on all network nodes.
For the execution of smart contracts, a special isolated execution environment EcmaContracts is used, based on the open source JavaScript engine V8 to create a virtualized environment for the execution of contract code.
Standard cryptography
is used in networks based on the IZZZIO blockchain platform
Hash function - sha256
GOST cryptography
is used in networks based on the IZZZIO RU blockchain platform
IZZZIO supports both common cryptography in various countries, and Russian GOST cryptography, and fully complies with Russian legislation in terms of storing and transmitting legally important information.
Digital signatures – ECDSA-sha256 – key 2048 bit
Block encryption – AES 256 bit
Key exchange - Diffie-Hellman protocol based on secp256k1
Hash function-Stribog (GOST R 34.11-2012)
Block encryption-not used
Cryptoprovider: ViPNet CSP 4.2
Digital signatures – GOST R 34.10-2012
Products and services
IoT solution
The Oracle System
A system consisting of an IoT chip that connects any device to the network, encrypts data and conducts transactions, as well as a local data relay to the blockchain for its subsequent processing using smart contracts.
Infrastructure algorithms that allow you to connect blockchain networks with databases outside the network and get information for various actions within the blockchain from sources in the outside world.
A service for publishing data from a private blockchain network to a public blockchain network, which minimizes the possibility of information forgery and significantly increases trust within the system.
Document control and security system
Voting system
"Turnkey" blockchain
A software package that allows you to ensure the security and control of the movement of electronic documents, identify the channel of information leakage, and also check the document for integrity and authenticity at any time.
A blockchain-based electronic voting service that ensures the anonymity of users with preliminary verification of their identity, reliable storage of voting data and their immutability, and a transparent vote counting procedure.
Design, development and launch of a blockchain solution based on the IZZZIO platform, on the basis of generally accepted international cryptography or on the basis of Russian GOST cryptography.
Scope of applicability
Financial sector
Legal services
Public Administration
Cargo Transportation
Energy industry
Information system
Internet of
Things (IoT)
and other
Capacities for businesses and government agencies
Reliable data storage and processing
Secure data transfer
Asset tokenization
Implementation of Mesh networks
Proof of ownership/authenticity
Process automation
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