IZZZIO (iZ³) - fully customizable blockchain platform
Huge world problem
Each existing platform is unique.
Unfortunately, this diversity does not benefit the projects that that want to using blockchain technology.

It takes a long time to choose a platform for implementation. The features of existing platforms force projects to adjust or even change their concept.
Our solution
A completely universal platform with the ability to be customized for any task
The iZ³ team assists in the integration of the iZ³ platform and the blockchain technology to the project
iZ³ Platform
The ability to run your own blockchain within a single platform
Now you can run blockchain, that are ideally suited for your project, supported by special smart contracts
High operational speed
Due to multi-level cashing, automatic network optimization and a new consensus algorithm, the main network speed exceeds 25,000 transactions and 200 blocks per second
Free transactions in the main chain
We do not take payment for transactions in the main chain.
Support of browsers integration without additional plugins and integration layers
Now, web applications can connect directly to the blockchain network without plug-ins, extensions, interlayered servers and allocated client networks.
Algorithm of block generation with world time-based consensus
The consensus algorithm, which we call LCPoA (Limited Confidence Proof of Activity), reliably protects our network from flood and fake transactions, while it does not require any computational resources.
Very "smart" smart-contracts
Turing full smart contracts in JavaScript ES6 language with the possibility of offline checks and distributed computing.
Block Explorer
Block Explorer - allows you to view the contents of the open part of the blockchain network
iZ³ Node
iZ³ Node is the most important part in the network, that delivers its operation, data transmission, generation of new blocks and synchronization between other services
Candy is an open source tool that allows you to create web applications that fully utilize the iZ³ blockchain system.
Candy Server
Candy Server is a backend for blockchain web applications. The Server supports the draft of applications using Node.JS and in any language with FastCGI support, for example, PHP, Ruby,
C / C ++, Python, Go and others.
Products & Services
Technical development services and the implementation of blockchain technologies consulting
Development of applications and different kind of solutions on the IZZZIO platform, as well as product analyzing services - selecting the most suitable platform for the project implementation, and developing solutions on other blockchain platforms (for example, issuing a token on the Ethereum platform and developing smart contracts of any complexity), and, if necessary, integration with the IZZZIO platform.
A safe and convenient tool for collecting funds from the sale of tokens and monitoring the progress of the ICO, integrated into your website as quickly as possible (less than 2 days), taking into account all the necessary tools included in the main functionality and additional customer requirements.
Investor's cabinet/back office for the ICO
(Token Sale)

NWP solution
NWP solution is a platform that integrates intelligent devices and knowledge base into a single network of accumulation and analysis of data on human health and the environment and provides users with convenient access to existing healthcare and quality of life services.

BitCOEN - First Community Open Exchange Network


Blockchain technologies for Baikal water mining, distribution and proof of originality

SBS Platform
Innovative blockchain-based solutions for the pharmaceutical industry (R)evolution

Andrey Nedobylsky
Co-founder & CTO
Consultant for the development of blockchain platforms: baikalika.io, sbsplatform.io

More than 10 years of full stack development of software products and highly loaded solutions in the field of IoT, ERP and CRM systems of international companies, as well as team management of technical development in large companies such as: квиб.рф, Artskills.ru, nettech.company, рукупон.рф, UnMoment, Аукционмашин.рф, fitness-port.ru, justbefit.ru and others.

Co-author of patents: "Device for conjunctival microscopy", "Program for the diagnosis of eye pathology", "Program for the analysis of the microcirculatory channel of the conjunctiva of the lateral corner of the eyeball".
Anzhelika Sheshunova
Co-founder & CEO
Co-founded several projects based on blockchain technologies and business accelerator akselerator.ru.

Consultant for the implementation of blockchain technologies and business development in baikalika.io and sbsplatform.io.

15 years of operational management in companies of various industries (crocus-exspo.ru, ostrovok.ru, Life-pay.ru, flatora.ru, flat.me, topexpert.pro, artskills.ru, justbefit.ru, enki.com).

Co-author of the patent: decentralized data storage based on blockchain-technologies
Ivan Piskunov
Independent expert and practitioner in the field of information security, holder of CCNA, CEH certificates, member of the Russian Information Systems Security Professional Association (Moscow) and various professional communities of RISC and Skolkovo Cybersecurity Foundations, author and lecturer of information security courses.

Co-founder and CTO of the Consulting agency Asirus.
Elman Kyazimov
Founder & CEO at superbugsolutions.io (unique decentralized research and development system for binary drugs). Founder and core investor Biocontec, UK (improvement of the development of bio ethanol production technology). Investor at SONM (SONM decentralized global fog super-computer). Investor and advisor at VentureClub, mkrdr.com, Zirra, minglvision.com, streampub.net, GetShop.TV. Previously CEO at Organic (Moscow).
Sergey Vasilev
Managing Partner and co-founder of Starta Ventures.
Tracker of more than 15 startups.
Mentor and expert at business incubator
HSE{INC}, Akselerator.ru, Skolkovo mentoring program.
Slava Semenchuk
Founder & CEO Bitcoen.io
Serial entrepreneur. The creator of more than 30 startups. Founder of Life‑pay.ru - mpos leader of the Russian market. 23500 companies as customers in 3 years (2.5 billion turnover in 2015). The last 5 years has been in fintech projects. In 2016 with partners implemented the project PAYQR.ru which attracted more than 300,000,000 rubles. Best Young Entrepreneur 2014 according to EY. MBA Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. Author of 3 best-selling business books.
[email protected]
Russia, Moscow
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